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Youth Transportation.

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River Cities Public Transit requires that all youth passengers are pre-registered before they begin riding. This is required as a precautionary measure to make sure that...

  • The parent/guardian is aware that their child is riding the bus.
  • RCPT has permission to transport that child.
  • RCPT has emergency contact information if needed.

Any children attempting to board the bus who is not scheduled will be sent back inside to call a parent/guardian for alternant transportation.

Fare Cards

Every client will be given a fare card, this card will hold any amount that you desire to put on it. The client will then swipe the card upon entering the bus, this will both check your child onto the bus and remove the fare from the card. The first fare card will be given to the child for free any other’s lost afterwards will be replaced for a fee but the original amount on fare card will still be on the new fare card as well.


Payment is to be made either in advance or upon boarding the bus. Lack of payment will result in child being sent back inside to call for alternate transportation and the ride will be considered a “no show”.

Passenger Suspension

Any misconduct on the bus will result in a warning and a parent or guardian will be notified. If the problem persists the rider will be suspended. The length of suspension will depend on the seriousness of the misconduct.

No Show

All passengers must arrive at the bus within a five minute time frame, or the ride will be considered a “no show.” One of the reasons we have this policy is to keep our routes as efficient as possible. After a “no show” if the passenger still wants a ride, they will have to wait until their new ride can be fit back into the schedule, and the passenger must pay the fare of the missed ride plus the same day fare of $5.00. The passenger will not be permitted to ride again until the “no show” is paid for.

Parent Ride Along

We offer parents a chance to chaperone the buses while youth are being transported. Anyone who is interested will receive a discount Please call our office if you would like to know more.

Extracurricular Activities

Any extracurricular activities such as band, choir, after school program etc… must be scheduled and paid for separately from the $15.00 monthly YMCA or Boys & Girls Club rate. All no shows will be charged accordingly.


All Kid Stop Program Member’s transportation is covered to the YMCA. The YMCA will provide a voucher after you register there and you must present it at the time you register for transportation to verify your eligibility.

Non members will be charged $1.00 per ride per child to the YMCA or $15.00 per month per family (pre-paid) all no shows will be charged accordingly.

Boys & Girls Club

The rate to the Boys and Girls Club is $15.00 per month per family (pre-paid) or $1.00 per day per passenger. This rate covers pre-scheduled rides only. All no shows will be charged accordingly.


Bus Rules

All Passengers are expected to follow these rules while on any River Cities Public Transit vehicle.

1. Pay fare or present valid bus pass Upon Boarding

2. Inside voices ONLY - No Yelling

3. No foul language

4. Courteous to other passengers

5. No fighting (hitting or rough housing)

6. All children will be dropped off at the pre-arranged destination

7. Any changes to schedule can only be made by a parent or legal guardian

8. No food, drinks, or candy

9. Personal belongings remain stowed

10. Remain seated


Q: If my child rode last year do I have to sign him/her up next year?

A: Yes, we don't know if you will need our service or not next year

Q: How do I register my child?

A: Online or stopping by our office.

Q: How do I get a punch ticket?

A: Stopping by the office or through the driver.

Q: Can I cancel?

A: Yes, just be sure to call 1 hour before the scheduled pick up time

Q: How old does my child have to be to ride the bus?

A: With and adult—any age; Alone—at least 4 years old

Q: does my YMCA or Boys & Girls Club Membership include transit fare?

A: No, more information inside this brochure.

Q: What happens if my child does not have their bus pass or fare?

A: The driver will send them back inside the building/residence they were at to call for alternate transportation (the missed ride will be considered a “no show”)