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River Cities Public Transit Coordinated Transportation Plan

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In early 2014, RCPT, in consultation with the KFH Group and GTH Transit Advisory, reached out to local stakeholders as part of a strategic planning process.

Meetings were conducted with representatives of state and local governments, the RCPT Board of Directors, and RCPT’s employees. The strategic transportation plan is now fully developed and written. If your looking for a bird eye view check out the Strategic Transportation Plan at a Glance or you may read an in depth version in the Strategic Transportation Plan.

Ron Baumgart Named CTAA 2013 Community Transportation Manager of the Year

Ron Baumgart, Executive Director of River Cities Public Transit, was honored with receiving the 2013 Community Transportation Manager of the Year award from the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA). The Community Transportation Manager of the Year award recognizes excellence in a community transportation system manager who strives to provide services to meet the needs of the community and surrounding service areas. Ron was presented the award at the annual CTAA’s Awards Banquet in Albuquerque, N.M. in recognition of his hard work and continuous effort to improve mobility options for the residents of Pierre, SD and surrounding communities.

Ron’s leadership and dedication is reflected in River Cities Public Transit’s vision to demonstrate a “Standard of Excellence” unparalleled in small urban and rural transit industry by richly enhancing mobility options for residents in the communities River Cities Public Transit serves.

RCPT Drivers Excel in Regional, National Competitions

RCPT drivers had another great year bringing home awards from regional and national driving competitions. Each year, drivers are invited to put their skills to the test at Community Transportation Association of America “Roadeo” events. These CTAA Roadeos occur at both a regional and national level to distinguish skilled drivers who enter in one of three divisions. Each driver must compete in four components within their event which consist of a written test, a multiple-obstacle driving course, wheelchair securement, and pre-trip inspection.

Lance Kuper took second place competing against the best drivers in the nation at the National Community Transportation Roadeo held last June in Albuquerque, N.M. Lance’s great achievement at the national level was followed up with several RCPT drivers placing well at the regional competition last September. Drivers, Eric Peterson, Max Voller, and Dave McFarling took the top three places respectively at the regional competition in Bismarch, ND. Adam Sharkey also excelled finishing in fifth place at the regional event. Eric Peterson’s first place regional finish will provide him an opportunity to compete in the national competition this fall in St. Paul, MN.

Drivers and supervisors agree that it is nice be recognized for their skills but the ultimate goal is to provide better services to our customers. Drivers hone their skills by setting up practice courses and regular, continuous training with supervisors on proper wheelchair securement, defensive driving, and bus inspections.

Office Staff & Drivers Recognized

At the annual 2013 River Cities Public Transit holiday celebration, several outstanding employees were recognized by their co-workers for their hard work. Each year, employees are given the opportunity to vote for one office staff member and both one day and one overnight driver who perform their job duties in an outstanding manner.

The 2013 Office Staff Member of the Year was awarded to Rhoda Steeneck. Rhoda has been with RCPT since July of 2012 and we are glad to have her on our team. Rhoda works the front-office desk assisting with dispatching and providing services to our Jefferson Lines customers. She has been instrumental in scheduling reservations and controlling the flow of information among dispatch, drivers, and management. She joins previous recipients Donald Sharkey and Shawna Sengelmann as an Office Staff Member of the Year.

John Reed received the Day-Time 2013 River Cities Public Transit Driver of the Year honor. John began working in the fall of 2011 and he sets the standard for an excellent driver. His commitment to help when needed and provide safe, excellent customer service to passengers is why John is respected among his fellow co-workers.

Dave Mcfarling received the Overnight 2013 River Cities Public Transit Driver of the Year honor. Dave has been employed with RCPT since 2005, and Dave is no stranger to this award. Dave has won every Overnight Driver of the Year award since 2010. Dave’s willingness to provide great customer service night after night, year after year, is unparalleled.